Schedule for your viewing pleasure

Winter2004MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 08:00      09:00PSYCO 459LEC B1 65604BS P 226PSYCO 459LEC B1 65604BS P 226PSYCO 459LEC B1 65604BS P 226 SOC 300LEC B1 62800DP 2104SOC 300LEC B1 62800DP 2104 10:00    11:00 PSYCO 403LEC B4 64103HC 2 25 PSYCO 403LEC B4 64103HC 2 25  12:00    PSYCO 365LEC B1 62695CAB 265PSYCO 365LEC B1 62695CAB 265 13:00    14:00 C LIT 342LEC B1 63055HC… Continue reading Schedule for your viewing pleasure

Back to the School Daze!

Hi Everybody! Just checking in after getting firmly entrenched in yet another University semester. Yes indeedy, I have attended each of my 5 wonderful classes now, and believe that no changes are at this point necessary in my rather — uh — odd schedule [although I'd be much happier in this cold if the classrooms… Continue reading Back to the School Daze!


I think that's what I've realized in the last little bit: LIFE IS EXPENSIVE. Not that that should be new to anyone, really, but every little thing costs something. And right now… it's hitting my pocket book a little harder than most. Perhaps it's just because I've all my money tied up with this silly… Continue reading Expensive


So today was the beginning of a new me… a new look… a day of relaxation and pampering… (and an expensive one at that!) and WOW! So enjoyable! Who would have thought that a day at the Spa would be so darned enjoyable? (well… actually…!) So I think now, my outlook on the new year… Continue reading Pampered…

A New Year?

So I finally decide to jump on the blog/livejournal/whatchamacallit bandwagon, after having read various of these for months, if not years. It's a prime time to do so I guess, it being a new year and all. The Crappy-ness that was December is all over, and it's time to jump into the new year with… Continue reading A New Year?