Extra-Life 2022

So it’s less than a week away now until I start streaming video games for charity for the 8th year in a row. If you want to support me, watch, donate, or otherwise check it out visit my page.

When our kid was born, we had the advantages of being able to have the support and medical care offered by the Stollery Children’s Hospital (in this case in the NICU). And the Stollery provides such great support and services for children all across Edmonton and all of Northern Alberta and beyond at this point. Hospitals in Alberta are certainly in need of support, children’s hospitals being no exception, and while government funding provides a lot, fundraising such as that provided by Extra-Life goes a long way to help out, especially when it comes to these stressful life moments such as visiting Emergency with a sick child or otherwise.

We’re planning to go from midnight until midnight this year. We have a toddler who will make actually staying up for 24 hours straight difficult, so while at least one person out of my household will be gaming at all times, it won’t always be me. I also haven’t had a whole lot of time to play a lot of games from my video game library and will be taking this as an opportunity to try out a few new ones.

The best time to join in will be during our more interactive segments, of course. We’re still finalizing our schedule and look forward to a busy day on November 5th! I’m personally hoping to break my record for personal money raised (though my partner usually raises the most on my team).

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