A New Year?

So I finally decide to jump on the blog/livejournal/whatchamacallit bandwagon, after having read various of these for months, if not years. It's a prime time to do so I guess, it being a new year and all. The Crappy-ness that was December is all over, and it's time to jump into the new year with a head full of new-fangled dreams goals and aspirations, right?
Then why do I feel like something incredibly important is missing? Why haven't I been acting like myself? Case in point: last night at Hourglass Ball… I don't drink I never have… I don't even like the taste of the stuff… so why did I have this urge to down my entire glass of champagne at one thirty in the morning all of a sudden and for no reason whatsoever? And why did I do it? I had this odd sense of understanding finally of that expression of drowning one's sorrows… but really! It's not as if I should have any such 'sorrows'! Gah!
So the year starts off on a new-ish footing… whether that's a good thing or not is up to you to decide. All the same… I wonder what other stupidity I can manage to get myself into, afterall this new year is a whole new can of worms.
And I'm just as likely as anyone else to suffer the consequences.