Time keeps just rushing by…

Hard to believe that it has been so long since I last posted, but honestly life is busy. The holiday season has already begun along with all the preparations thereof and I’ve been busy both planning for gift giving and whatnot and also with attempts at decluttering. The local Facebook buy/sell and buy nothing groups are pretty helpful for this as are the local donation centers etc.

We’re pretty darn fortunate. Our family is relatively healthy despite the occasional health scare. While we have had some jobs ups and downs this year at this point in time we’re all doing A-OK. Inflation is painful regardless, but those are the breaks, I guess.

We completed our annual (9th annual!) Extra-Life fundraiser recently (and we’re of course still accepting donations to support our local children’s hospital), and raised more than in past years for which we’re quite thankful. Going into the season of spending (money, time, donations, etc.) it felt good to be able to give back to a facility that has given us (and so many others) so much.

Beyond that, we’re planning for some pretty neat adventures in the next year. And maybe I’ll post here more often (we’ll see!).

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