I think that's what I've realized in the last little bit: LIFE IS EXPENSIVE. Not that that should be new to anyone, really, but every little thing costs something. And right now… it's hitting my pocket book a little harder than most.
Perhaps it's just because I've all my money tied up with this silly bank account problem (when your chequebook gets stolen, it SURE takes a while to fix everything all over again!). I guess I'm just not used to realizing the cost of everything. I'm usually just so frugal, picking up bargains, and whatnot, not really caring about things as long as I'm not overstepping my budget… but gosh life CAN be expensive! Not to mention the fact that banks are evil, and not in a good way either! When they tell me they're going to do something, I sure wish that they actually would — and in a timely manner too!
They say time is money, well sometimes that expression can mean something, and when I'm sleeping my life away (like now), it's expecially easy to get frustrated with the loss of vacation hours. *sigh* Ah well. Not much I can do about it now.
On the bright side, my pictures got developed, and the ones from Christmas turned out remarkably well! And the first half of my Hourglass shots look pretty smashing if I say so myself. Not often that happens! Perhaps this little point and shoot dealie from my uncle was a rather good gift if the pics always turn out this amazingly!
Anyway: School tomorrow. I'm not ready.