Today was a good day.

Except for the fact that my every shoulder/back muscle aches right now, due to the act of falling (day before yesterday whilst cleaning), buying too much at 15% Tuesday, and of course picking up the majority of my textbooks (this reminds me… I ought to do my readings for tomorrow! Oups!).

And of course the fact that Lem's Futurological Congress, the ONE textbook that I need to read before Tuesday is the ONLY book that wasn't available at the Bookstore today.

But this matters not, as I had a good day on the whole. Seeing friends again, and having good ol' conversations is worth ten times its weight in gold I think. And my class went well this morning as well (which was nice!). It feels kind of odd to be running into so many people I know at the U these days. I never would have thought it!