Thinking about technology…

… specifically the app form of technology. We were talking about social media at the pub tonight and I got to thinking about my reasons for not using Snapchat (which can be briefly summarized as being because I find Facebook and Twitter to satisfy my social media needs for the most part)… and then I got to thinking about the fact that I've been prioritizing Pokemon GO playing rather than focusing on oversharing or devoting too much time on social media.

And to be honest given the nature of social media post-US election, well, I'm pretty happy with Pokemon GO not being a cesspool of negativity. I am focusing on getting a bit less of my news this way as a result and though I do still spend a LOT of time on social media, I'm tempering it much more with time playing games such as Alphabear and Pokemon GO and trying to encourage myself to walk more, even as it gets so much colder (really it's still just seasonable).

This means of course my addiction to playing Pokemon GO has more positives in my life: it's preventing me from focusing quite so much on bad news (much of the news out there isn't positive, regardless of how I get it, whether via Google News, a news broadcast, a website, social media, or the radio), and rather on walking just that little bit more to hatch my Pokemon eggs, or catch an elusive Pokemon (gotta catch 'em all!).

Frankly the news these days is frightening, and sometimes we all just need some happiness from our digital media… in my case I get a lot of this enjoyment from video games as of late.