Because Gilmore Girls is back in a big way…

… I figured I'd type a bit about the show without spoilering anything of the new episodes (note that I'm typing this shortly before viewing the 2nd of the 4 Netflix episodes, still basking in the myriad of emotions that the very first of these new episodes brought on… but I refuse to spoiler the actual content of these new episodes).

Gilmore Girls was one of my very favourite shows. I own all the DVDs of the series for example and I'm oh so happy that they went back to Stars Hollow for this reunion of the old cast members nearly a decade later. It's a show that I've rewatched more than most, and I suspect that I'll want to rewatch these new episodes too if the first of these episodes is any indication.

When I was younger, I used to identify a lot more with Rory… but as I aged, I began to identify more with Lorelei's character. When I was a teenager I guess I had a lot more in common with Rory's character… but as an adult, it's a lot more complicated than that. Some of the characters from the show are just so iconic to me and well, it's inevitable that these episodes cause an emotional reaction for me.

I've never been, nor ever will be the consumer of media the way that these characters are, but there are so many things that I can latch on to from the show that I appreciate and enjoy. And now that I have a lot more life experience under my belt, I think about situations from the show in a whole different light. Indeed, I can think of people in my life that have similar characteristics insofar as how they interacted with me at the time… but it's a whole lot more than that.

Yes this show was on precisely at the right time of my life, and I'm truly looking forward to watching the rest of the 1.5 hour episodes to see where the writers and actors etc. have taken the show. There's simply so much I'm curious about and even after the first episode, there's a lot more I'm looking forward to seeing!