Christmas wishes

So the holidays are coming. And inevitably people ask me what I want for Christmas.

Now I pretty much always have an Amazon wishlist with stuff listed that I'm wanting. And this does include some of the items I've been eyeing. But I still often get questions as to what I want, and for the small number of people who might see this because of a Secret Santa or other gift exchange, I guess I ought to list a few things, but tangible and not.

– The financial freedom to not worry about money (not going to happen, but I can always wish. To be honest, I'll probably always worry about money, just not in the same way necessarily if I am better off). Last year I wanted a job for Christmas and I essentially got that, so that's not the concern but I'd love the wherewithal to do do more with my income — this is probably a wish that most if all people have to one degree or another.

– Clothing that fits me and makes me feel awesome (this includes footwear — I seem to have rotten luck with shoe shopping as of late).

– Needle felting supplies. This is probably a whole category of things that I really truly want. It's a hobby I want to take up properly and I got a great taste on the JoCoCruise. A bunch of kits and wool roving is on my Amazon wishlist, but I definitely don't own much if anything of this type of category and I can definitely use more. This is a hobby I can do while watching Netflix or YouTube. It's remarkably difficult to find wool roving and needle felting supplies locally, and I would love enough supplies that I can just experiment and make whatever strikes my fancy.

– Experiences: what can I say, I enjoy trying new things, traveling, restaurants, spending time with my friends etc.

– Time to do all the things I really want to do or feel are important

And right now that's all I can think of. I feel really fortunate in that I have a lot of what I want/need in life, and sure there's a lot more that I'd really adore having, but yeah. I always update my amazon wishlist with new things that I notice, but don't choose to purchase for myself immediately.