On games…

So this evening I took a 10K Pokemon GO walk. My goal initially was just to hatch my 5K egg, but then I figured why not hatch a second one, instead of just the first such egg and then I kept walking to get home. The downside of this, is that I was wearing my new shoes… but oh well. And I figured that what with Extra Life (please donate to help sick kids!!), now is a great time to talk about the video games I've been playing these days. Sure the majority of my time has been taken up by playing Pokemon GO but there are other video games that I've been focusing on as of late.

One game I tend to play at least once a week is Hearthstone. This is a deck building game sort of like Magic the Gathering or other physical Trading Card Games, but I like the fact that it neither takes up physical space nor requires scads of money to play (I've been playing for free). Not that I'm terribly good at this game, but I really enjoy playing it. I prefer playing the Tavern Brawl (and I'll probably play it later tonight) as the randomness is often a lot of fun. I'm not fond of building decks, and much prefer when I'm playing with a set deck or when I have to make more limited choices (this is why I haven't yet finished playing all the adventures I've purchased: too many desks to tailor).

Another game I play pretty consistently is Mini Metro. This game involves building a subway network in different cities based on certain constraints, the most important of which is of course getting the riders to their destinations rather than having them wait too long. I prefer the Daily Challenge and find it both a frustrating game and a very zen one. Sure there's a certain amount of random chance, but skill is also involved and I rather appreciate that!

A mobile game I've been playing a lot lately is Alphabear. I'm not terribly good at it, but it's a word game and I'll admit that a lot of the appeal of the game for me is unlocking all the bears! Making words is often really difficult given the letters I have to use, but my bears get stronger and stronger which also helps with reference to making the game easier as I go along (all in perspective).

The largest game world I've been spending time in (unless you include Pokemon GO, of course, to which I'm rather addicted), is Civilization VI. I wouldn't say I'm perfectly proficient at that game either, but it's such fun dealing with the constraints of this game world and I rather do like building wonders and otherwise exploring my game world. It's a game I imagine I'll spend quite a bit of time on, considering how much time I've spent with Civilization V already!!

Sure there are other games I have played but those are the ones I'm most enthusiastic about lately. Extra Life will involve my playing MANY games with Jon and that will be a great adventure and will remind me of the fun of playing video games, board games, and even a little D&D. I hope that it goes well this weekend!!