Oh gosh Extra Life is in mere HOURS!

So if you're a fan of helping kids, in particular sick kids in hospitals such as the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, I highly recommend donating to my Extra Life fundraiser. Starting at 8am EDT tomorrow and ending at 8am EST Sunday (6am MDT and 6am MST locally), Jon and I will be playing games continuously.

Getting ready for this has been an adventure as Jon really wanted us to be properly miked and mixed this year. This started with buying a mixer (funny story that, he ordered one and not only did a fancier model show up but 5 of them showed up, so now we have an abundance of mixers at our disposal). And then because he had a mixer he needed microphones that worked with it, preferably XLR microphones. Well, time was short by this point and it turned out that the mics he ordered weren't amazing (and definitely weren't compatible with this setup. This led to a visit to Memory Express and a referral to go to Long and McQuade to research and eventually buy some great equipment for our needs. Not only did we get excellent customer service from both locations (I'm glad Memory Express recommended Long and McQuade to us and even made sure they were still open before sending us there), but we were indeed able to pick up what will hopefully work with my rather quiet voice (when compared to Jon's) for not only Extra Life but also other cooperative games we will be playing thoughout the year and hopefully also cooking videos eventually etc. I'm sure that while we'll be streaming the whole thing to Jon's Twitch channel, we'll also put up some great videos on YouTube (Jon's account) eventually.

I'm not sure how much sleep I'll get this weekend: evidently not enough. But that's A-OKAY because we'll be helping kids and that's a great goal for a weekend of gaming (both video games, D&D, party games etc.). We bought a ton of food and snacks for guests to join us tomorrow night and we're looking forward to entertaining.

So don't forget to donate as we're looking forward to having a busy but fun time playing games and helping kids! I had best get some shut eye — it's been a rather busy week and morning will come all too soon!!