I haven't blogged in months

And it's not that I haven't wanted to: indeed there have been numerous topics that I've felt strongly enough to post to Facebook, to tweet, to have good honest conversations about in person, and yet I haven't been writing all that much. Not in the physical pen on paper world, not on my blog here.

And you know what I don't feel bad about it. I'm doing better at engaging productively on my social media networks, I'm getting into a routine I'm a bit more happy with and I'm pretty darn happy in most respects. Sure there's highs and lows, sure sometimes I feel less productive than others, sure there's much that I could change/improve etc. But I'm reading more, I'm getting more on top of this beast that is email, and I'm slowly making some progress in the whole finding a job that uses some of my education more directly area (not much progress, but I'm not in a particular hurry at this point, for some reasons that I'm not going to discuss here).

But I do miss writing, journaling, and more online. And while my progress on getting a real legitimate website up on some webspace that I'm actually happy with hasn't truly begun (though if/when I do make some progress, I'm not planning on abandoning this blog that I've had for over a decade now), I do feel pretty strongly about writing more.

And with the miniwrimo coming up I figured I'd use it as an excuse to get back in the rhythm of blogging again (and on the days where I'm not at my computer for a significant length of time, I could also just free write in a journal book). My personal goal will be a minimum of 250 words a day (and I think that that's reasonable, considering that this blog post is already longer than that) for the entire month of November. See, here's me being accountable by stating my goal and such!

But yes, I've been neglecting my blog (as my past posts have indicated) and I do miss that whole typing to the world via blogging thing, and so I'll focus on this a bit more for the month of November.