Back to blogging

It has been a while since I've blogged. Instead, I've chosen to tweet a lot and try to post to Facebook regularly, but I figured tonight that it's been long enough since I blogged last (January) and really although I've been procrastinating putting together a 'real' website with a WordPress blog of sorts I'll stick to posting to my LJ. I still do like the blogging functionality here, even if I do long to put my blog up on something more ME. Someday perhaps? We shall see.

Later this month, I'm going to Japan for the very first time. Slowly, things are coming together for this trip: I ordered currency this week for example, so I'll have money to spend — though perhaps not enough to really truly luxuriate on a non-convention related vacation. It's been strange this year, not being quite as involved with CKI things as in the past, and while I like having the extra free time, I do miss doing things that I did in the past, like attending CKI convention or visiting the Kiwanis International office in Indianapolis. Something tells me that my dedication to Kiwanis runs pretty deep.

This year has presented a lot of change: I've convocated from both masters degrees I was seeking this June. I'm job hunting. I'm trying to better balance my life with varying degrees of success. I constantly wish that I could do more, but I know that what I do already is likely enough. I continue to strive for self-improvement even in the heat of summer, even when there are so many worthwhile demands on my time. I do constantly want to do more, be better, and find my own little niche in the world: and I find it so strange that I'm still searching sometimes. It's a fact of life, of course, but July is my birthday month and it always results in some sort of introspection. Later this month, I'll post my biannual list of things that I want/dream of (kind of a birthday wish list of sorts) most likely.

I've embraced my geekiness in recent years, and I doubt that that will change any time soon. I still spend a lot of time online: lately watching webseries, on social media, and entering contests, answering surveys or reading up on news stories take up a lot of that time. I love to play games whether they are of the digital variety or the board game sort, I totally enjoy that. And the nice thing about apps is that I don't have to have friends around to game (though I certainly prefer playing board games in person, for the social element!).

I'm looking forward to Kiwanis District Convention in Billings, MT, to Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, to Pure Speculation, and to other events in August and beyond. I'm looking forward to other things too, each day finding the positives in life and enjoying them. I'm actually far more positive nowadays than I was at many times in the last couple years of my degrees. I'm finding more positives online even and learning to avoid the social media part of the internet when things get too negative. I've also probably become more vocal in person and learned a lot more about myself and the things I find to be important. And you know what? I find personal growth really key.

So I guess that's an update about me. What's new with you?