LJ vs. other sites

So over the past few months I've had people make the comment that I should move my blog to a different site. And sure I've contemplated it over the years (in fact, at some point I do want to make alikira.com into something significant), but I really do like what LJ brings to the table: firstly the Friends Page lets me stay on top of the communities and the blogs of some good friends who I follow, and these communities aren't properly duplicated elsewhere (as far as I can tell — I mean sure there's stuff like reddit and otherwise but it's just simply not the same as the communities I seek out here). I like the LJ-cut tag (and some other LJ specific tags available), and the other sites that purport to replace LJ for me simply don't do it. Dreamwidth doesn't have the communities I want to follow, Tumblr isn't an aesthetic I really enjoy, WordPress is just not as userfriendly for blogging (I've blogged on WordPress before, and it's fine but I find it is less suited for a personal blog in the way that LJ is for me, as much as the CMS works fine for many other purposes!) etc. That doesn't mean I don't read other stuff there or elsewhere on the 'net, but I'm just not going to move there. I really like being able to search through my past posts here (I've been blogging here since Jan 1, 2004 after all, with reasonable regularity the whole time)…

And while this site doesn't get the traffic of some other blogs, I do crosspost to Facebook in a way (or at least I used to, now I just use the LJ app to post it to Facebook but same difference!), and occasionally I tweet posts I want others to read too (though this is darn rare).

And to be honest, I'm fine with my postings not getting a HUGE audience. I know that people read them (thanks Mom! Thanks Facebook friends! Thanks Edmonton folks! etc. ), and really the smaller audience does open the blog up to postings on topics that are less mainstream (to the extent that I'm okay with them going out on a public forum like the web that is!).