Errands and health… food and back to school

So today was all about completing errands. Mostly mundane though necessary ones: picking up mail, mailing parcels, grocery shopping, picking up a cheque (yay!), picking up my new agenda book (thanks to the GSA), checking the mail (campus), taking out the garbage and the recycling, etc.

And this would have taken a lot less time if it wasn't for the fact that certain offices on campus aren't open during the lunch hour, and so on. That said I'm pretty happy to have gotten things done though I'm really truly exhausted. Carrying recycling and groceries is hard work… but I was shaking for part of the afternoon either from that hard work, or low blood sugar (? This is a possibility as I hadn't eaten for a while, but it did take quite a time after eating and drinking a chai tea latte before I stopped shaking so I dunno…) or some other physical reason. This used to happen to me after physically exerting myself to my limit but the shaking thing does happen on occasion without THAT much of a trigger (like today) and that just seems odd. It's one of my little particularities… but it does partially explain my exhaustion, I suppose!

Campus was crazy (it was the first day back at school after all), filled with bright eyed new students and others who returned to campus after time away. I saw a familiar face walking by, but generally all were new — the joys of a new school year, really! I was happy to eat Filistix for lunch (their veggie special was delicious — I adore green curry!), and I carry gift cards in my wallet so that meant free Starbucks (Chai Tea latte… though it wasn't as good as it could have been… I may actually prefer the Tassimo version to THAT particular latte, though Remedy makes a far better one!).

I probably shouldn't try to accomplish ALL THE ERRANDS in one day… but I did accomplish a fair number so that's not half bad!