Some days I'm happy for lazy food!

And this doesn't just mean frozen pizza (or delivery) though that's sometimes good too… I love having fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge that don't require much prep, alone with some nuts (or other easy munchies) and things like my sandwich maker and toaster oven to make simple sandwiches and breadsticks taste oh so much better.

I mean really, while putting the time and effort into making fabulous food is worthwhile, sometimes I just want to snack and munch on good healthy quick foods and well, lazy food is ideal for such purposes! Lately I've indulged a fair bit in such laziness but I've also stocked my home well for cooking adventures which I will take in due time (often with board game adventures!). My Zoku is also making popsicle adventures quite fun as well… often with yogurt of smoothies as the ingredients… sometimes with fruit pieces too!