Places I'd like to travel to…

… so seeing as I don't have plans to go anywhere really distant until I finish my degrees (I probably won't finish until after one trip to Indianapolis in January, but besides that), now is a time when I guess I can talk about my travel hopes (that don't include conferences/conventions/and all that jazz… though to be honest I do look forward to that type of travel! This blog post will only talk about a) locations I've never been to before and b) locations rather than events or conferences etc.)

So here's my list of some noteworthy places where I'd really like to visit (I'd love to travel the whole world and have talked about this at length but this isn't that kind of blog post!):
– Japan (I've wanted to visit since I was a kid. I'm part Japanese. It's a fascinating country from so many angles. I also want to make sure I have a decent amount of money set aside when I go because oh my goodness yummy food, things to purchase, experiences to take in… 🙂 )
– The Maritime provinces (It would be nice to do a roadtrip around the whole country of Canada of course, but I've already said I'm only talking about locations I've never visited before! A good relaxing trip to see the islands and culture there including food, dialect, and all that impacts our popular culture [plus I guess the Anne of Green Gables setting] would be great!)
– The great white north (yes, I mean the Canadian territories! I'd love to see some of what's up there before a) the polar bears are extinct b) the climate changes too dramatically [yes these two might be linked] and c) before I'm somehow unable to appreciate it)
– Seattle (yep, I've never been [and the airport DOES NOT COUNT!]… I wanna see the space needle, the museums, the Pike Place Fish Market, and more!)
– Spain (the Gaudi architecture makes me want to go!)
– Poland (I'm part Polish among other things and I've heard great things!)
– Bruges (I loved the movie In Bruges, so what the hey, it'd be great to visit!)
– Iceland (from what I've heard it's a beautiful country)
– Denmark (after having visited Norway I want to see the rest of Scandinavia, but particularly Denmark because of the biking culture, and more! Sweden would be nifty too!)
– Australia (and New Zealand… but really Australia because of all that I've heard over the years, I'd want to see it myself!)

There are MANY MANY other places I'd like to visit but these are really ones that I've been thinking about, ones that come to mind when I think hey I'd like to see that myself someday. As for places I'd like to REVISIT or see in more depth someday, they are myriad and many as well!