And it's September again…

… and I still haven't finished my degrees. *sighs* This really is my own doing. I've been in a funk when it comes to school work since at least January and I'll admit it now, it's hard to get motivated to do anything about it. It's easier to just focus on other areas of my life (which admittedly I've been doing a so-so job at), but this month I plan on re-focusing and doing more.

And that's the thing really. I need to be doing more of a lot of things to feel more happy with myself… whether this means more board game nights (I need to get into a pattern of hosting friends frequently as this encourages me to cook/clean/be social), getting out of bed (I have no problem waking up, it's the getting off my smart phone and other devices and out of bed — even if I might be successfully playing email fighter [dealing with all the emails I might have gotten through the night] or otherwise being productive, just the act of getting ready for my day is of great use value!), exercising (and not just walking, though walking is good and I should do more of it!), eating healthy (not that I don't, but I am occasionally a lazy person and my house is full of frozen treats at the moment), not letting internet stuff pile up in such a way that it makes me want to procrastinate thesis work (weekends when I'm NOT busy should be used to help rectify this), read more (I find that while reading takes up a lot of time, I'm a heck of a lot more productive when I'm reading on a regular basis!), and yes work on the thesis (duh!).

My goal (and this time I'm NOT going to change it… seeing as I've let it slide and morph over time) is to finish the thesis (and degrees!) once and for all sometime between January and April 2013 (there, I put it in writing!). And, darn it, I WILL do so.

The hard part, as usual is maintaining balance in my life while doing so. And I thank my close personal friends for helping me be mentally grounded at this time. Really. I need to spend time with you, I need to be in small social situations to be happy. This is something I know about myself. That said obligatory social gatherings are more draining (though also personally sustaining… I think I have some introvert and some extrovert tendencies here — this darn struggle for life balance sure isn't easy!).

Anyway. My BIG goal for September is to get into a routine of sorts that makes me happy — this doesn't mean doing the same thing at the same time every day, but it does mean having a good balance between productive activities (including obligations and thesis work), fun activities (both small and large, in and out of the house), social activities (one-on-one and larger group), and so on.

In 2012 I have a lot of things to be grateful for… but I've also managed to indulge the procrastination (etc.) beast a bit more than I ever have. And sure, I have my many reasons, but it's high time I get actually moving on balancing my life better.