So, I guess my problem is…

… that I really really want to be done school, but don't really feel motivated to do the work to get me there in a timely fashion. I will of course finish at some point in the next year (probably sometime between January and June… okay fine I WILL finish, damn it, sometime between January and June), and then I'll take my 4 degrees and go on vacation and then start a real job hunt. I won't necessarily be in a huge hurry (I do after all still work at the supermarket and that will give me my benefits etc. until I find a job that will make me happy), but I think that mentally I'm ready to move on.

Perhaps putting this into writing will help motivate me to get cracking and do things. We'll see. In the meantime, my hands/wrists are being supremely painful today, so that's frustrating.

But whatever. That's life, eh?