I love receiving mail!

And today was no exception!

These days, it is rare to see me in a mall or other shopping establishment (though, of course, I do go on occasion to buy needed things, gifts, etc. and often spend money at local shops etc. but still) compared to the likelihood of finding me at home, at someone's house, traveling or online. And this is fine by me, because, really I need not spend too much money on superfluous stuff (particularly as I occasionally win things that I don't need as it is, or getting spoiled with awesome gifts (thanks Luke for the great belated birthday gift of the 8 disc Harry Potter Blu-ray btw!)) but that's neither here nor there.

I think as I get older I get a lot more specific as to things that I want to acquire versus things that I need not have for whatever reason. I get a lot more selective, and of course I also have a lot more stuff (though every year I purge a bunch of things at the Buy Nothing Day Free Market for example [planning is in its infancy for the 2012 edition]). But lately, I've also been acquiring a lot of more geeky stuff too, and for my birthday I splurged on a few apparel items with the birthday money I received. That combined with the fact that I've been enjoying Kickstarter lately (mostly for board games but also for other things too!) has resulted in a most awesome mail delivery today: indeed the mailman delivered to me three soft envelopes of awesome apparel this morning!

First I received a nice skirt from The Shorts Bus kickstarter. Given that they had had to do some modifying my skirt after initially making it, I'm happy that I received it when I did — and it is pretty! I also like the fact that it fits well, is not quite my usual style (but will look great with things I already own) and is an item I was lacking in my wardrobe (it's short, but not too short, and more narrow than most of my flouncy skirts, which is nice). It's also nice to be receiving Kickstarter items — it's the second one that has arrived physically as of yet.

Next I received a great TARDIS skirt border=0 from one of the very few Etsy shops that I'm currently a big fan of at the moment. I definitely forsee purchasing other things from this shop — particularly after it was featured on Geek and Sundry's The Flog. The shop is called Go Chase Rabbits.

Lastly I received a TeeFury grab bag of 3 shirts. I figured I'd try my luck after RedFlagDeals pointed out this sale. Now I would have adored the NPH t-shirt, the three I received are actually pretty cool. My fave is: How To Create a Woman, a riff on the classic Weird Science film (which I do own on VHS — yes I do still have a working VCR) in red (my favorite colour!). I also received In Vader Zolo which is a fun shirt based on Star Wars and Invader Zim (something tells me I need to gain more familiarity with such pop cultural references, but I do rather like this shirt too). My least favorite of the bunch is Bill The Butcher, which I may not keep at all… I've never seen The Gangs of New York films and while the shirt kind of reminds me of Sweeney Todd and the Tammany Hall board game that I'll eventually get from Kickstarter, I'm not sure that it's something I'd want to wear. So we'll see. Maybe It'll go to a Silent Auction instead? Regardless, I'm pretty pleased with my grab bag purchase, and I may someday risk purchasing one again. In the meantime, I'm happy to not be tempted too too often by awesome things on the Internet!