On yesterday's shooting in Edmonton

So yesterday, very close to my home, a shooting took place in the parking lot of a popular eating establishment. And, I was sitting at home, wondering why it was so very noisy outside until Twitter told me just what had happened and that the victim had multiple gunshot wounds. At the time the victim was still alive, but he has since passed away in hospital and, while I know that the risk to myself, living in this area is low (after all it was very much targeted and the result of an argument), it is quite shocking for such violence to take place in broad daylight just the same. This isn't the typical area for gun violence in this area as far as I can remember (when it comes to PUBLIC violence within this neighbourhood I can only remember a knife/hostage situation at the Basilica a bunch of years back but nothing else this significant). While I'm happy that this type of thing doesn't happen every day, I don't like the fact that people thought it appropriate to resort to violence, apparently over money. It is simply not worth the loss of life and the perceived loss of safety and security!