Warm weather, Olympics, and Errands…

To be short, the title of this post summarizes my yesterday (well that and continuing to read the book Sex at Dawn, which I'm finding a rather good read). It was VERY warm yesterday and there were weather alerts across the province because the weather conditions were perfect for well funnel clouds and storms and whatnot. But I didn't even get rained on (which is good since I had purchased and exchanged graphic novels).

I ran a couple errands: buying underwear with saved up gift cards (yay!), and visiting Wizards (Comics and Collectables) to pick up a new copy (without a printing error this time) of Daytripper, and the new The Guild graphic novel. Both errands were accomplished easily with convenient transit timing, and then I was at Pub Monday which was one of the most fun in ages because, come on Olympics! We watched diving, mens artistic gymnastics, some horse jumping, some rowing, and a bit of other things and provided our own interesting commentary. It was great fun and an interesting change from the usual (not that we didn't converse about the usual as well, but still!).

I'm just glad that it isn't quite so hot anymore… so I can eat soup for lunch! And I made some of my leftover veggies into a great ramen soup (missing the egg this time, but that's just an indication that I ought to go grocery shopping).