So I'm definitely a cat person…

… for which I blame some great formative experiences and some less so. You see when I was a kid I was in a grade 2/3 split class for both grades 2 and 3. And my teacher, Mme. Doyle, was a HUGE cat person. In fact all of our art projects were themed about cats, and all of our challenge class stuff was also about cats… we even had a field trip to meet her cats!

I find my friends' cats quite calming generally. They often make me smile.

Dogs on the otherhand I'm much more hesitant about. I'm fine with dogs I'm familiar with, of course, but strange dogs I'm pretty wary about. And generally I'm more wary of small dogs due to having had a small white dog sicced on me by a teenaged neighbour when I was a kid. Essentially, I am not generally a dog person though I don't mind dogs given the right introduction and the right dogs.

Tim and Sarah have the cutest little puppy that I've ever seen, however. And I met this puppy last night while on my bike ride.