The problem with physical activity…

… is that I tend to sporadically do it to excess. If I were consistent this wouldn't be so big of a problem, nor would it be if I happened to not have bad wrists or random aches and pains or other silly health concerns that crop up without much cause, but damn it I like being physically active, physically fit, and I like doing stuff! I like trying new things with my body, even if my body wants to interfere with a lack of gracefulness, or flexibility, or that pain thing.

But I'm pretty darn good at doing the whole exercising thing to excess after not having done much of that nature for a bit (I'm not a couch potato, I do stay active, but I'm darn good at not sticking to one activity for very long at a time!). And yesterday I guess must not have been an exception. You see I tried out a new Wii fitness game: Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (not that I'm big on her or anything, but I thought at $10 it was a steal of a deal to get the game as it came with a video camera that works with my Wii console). On first glance it seems like a pretty awesome game.

But my shoulders ache this morning (symmetrically, which is neat!). I probably overdid it, like usual. But it was fun — and fun is most often worth it (Ropes Quest similarly resulted in sore arms, but also sore hands).