It's that warm food truck season again! :)

So while I don't like to spend money on going out for lunch more often than I need to, today the warm weather reminded me of the awesomeness of food trucks (oh I can't wait for Japadog in Vancouver in just over a week — yum!) and a craving for a really yummy sandwich for which I do not have the ingredients at home led me to walk down to Drift Mobile Eatery (or @Driftfoodtruck on Twitter… or on the web) for a delicious sandwich. I didn't get the fries this time (though I will admit to thinking that they make the best fries in Edmonton based on the seasoning and the homemade ketchup), but I did get a nice spicy (but not too spicy) Jerk Chicken sandwich with pineapple and slaw in it! On a day like today, it felt great to walk down the street devouring such scrumptious food!

My feet however aren't yet used to sandals. It'll be awhile before they're ready to walk EVERYWHERE in sandals (though they're not blistered or anything just slightly sore from footwear that rubs in different spots!). But I adore the fact that I can just throw on my summer dresses now and go wandering about town. Sure I probably should spend most of my days cooped up in front of my computer screen (and I've been putting in effort to do just this… particularly this week), but I'm not going to let the great weather go entirely to waste!

In fact I've actually done a bit of thesis work this week (not enough, but it's better than what I had been doing anyhow). And I've been reading again (yay for graphic novels!)! 🙂