Life gets busy at times…

It seems I went from posting nearly daily to not posting at all to my blog for a bit. This is of course quite fine by me, but quite a lot has happened since my last posting, so I figured I'd type a bit about some of what has transpired.

I helped host perhaps the most delicious CKI DOTC that we've had (the most successful one too, to be honest) in recent years. This included visits to some great local restaurants (Matahari, Urban Diner, Dream Tea House), checking out West Edmonton Mall (Ropes Quest was ABSOLUTELY awesome! I totally need to go back — I loved it so much that I need to do it again… the others probably rushed me out of there, but whatever — they had a good time too!) including Koryo at the food court (yummy!), board games (Anomia, Smart Ass, Catan Dice Game among others), and yes everything from goal setting to personal budgeting, parli pro, ice breakers and much much more!

After that wrapped up I went and helped my friend Anick move. I followed that by helping Laury move. Both of these AWESOME individuals happen to have moved much much closer to me, which makes me oh so happy — particularly when I cross paths with them serendipitously (like I did with Anick the other day!). I've played a good number of awesome board games (Quarriors, Summoner Wars, King of Tokyo, Cosmic something, Monopoly Deal, etc.), found myself marginally useful, and had a generally good time.

I've been busy with school/RA work too (I need to do more in this area, but things are progressing, slowly but surely). I've also been to another conference (a library one), I've visited the doctor (and outpatient lab for even more blood work… *sighs*). I've been distracted by my emotions in a good way, and by my frustrations in a bad way.

I've cooked (risotto today!), gone grocery shopping, read comic books (after visiting Free Comic Book Day!), watched media (mostly YouTube), and exercised (new [to me] exercise game on my Wii, and a whole heck of a lot more walking). I'm feeling marginally healthier as a result. I hope improved health only continues! I've played iPod touch games (what else is new?), had my cell phone batteries die (too frequently 🙁 ), and generally had a much busier time than perhaps at other times.

And yes, I've been unreasonably tired. But there's something (someone? 😉 ) that has been perking up my spirits so that's good too. I've probably also eaten far more pizza than is healthy, but I've combined that with good healthy-ish food (Thane is an AWESOME caterer, as is the Faculty Club on UofA Campus, and etc.). I've tried to stay adequately hydrated, I've tried (and somewhat succeeded!) to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. This summer is going to be so busy that I'm going to need it.