My wrists are still being annoying and…

Seeing as I work today at the Gocery store, I'm not entirely looking forward to it. Then again it does help to put my wrist brace thingys on… so maybe I ought to wear those more often while doing transcription? (I'm thinking that that was when they got aggravated this time around, though I'm not entirely sure why, seeing as computer use generally never causes me issues, then again I've noticed that I type with a whole lot more force while transcribing, so that's something I'll have to pay attention to!

Yesterday I had grad photos, and while I think I don't look near as awesome now as I once did, they're not bad. I have up to 5 years to order them so I'm not exactly worried about picking which of my proofs I want at the moment (I'm thinking I'll only order them once my thesis is complete and submitted etc.).

I also had to pick up a package from the post office since it had been misdelivered (I don't exactly know how because the address was pretty clear in my opinion, but whatever).

Visited the Telus World of Science. It sorely needs some maintenance/repair to some of its most used exhibits (which is expected as I noticed that last time too). It's not as adult friendly as some similar exhibits in other cities (which needs to be rectified, I think!). I mean, really, Edmonton needs a good science venue to visit!

In the evening I watched Love Story for the first time (kind of funny given the name of the actress, the fact that I had a Love Story music box for many years, and the fact that I played Love Story on the piano!). I cried — an expected response but really it was a very well-crafted film.