Physical activity, wrists, online dating…

So life goes on. Nothing new in THAT regard really. My wrist is being all annoying today and the only thing I can think of as a cause this time is the transcription work that I was doing the other day (which is rather unfortunate as I need to do at least 40 times that much work on transcription alone. And that's in addition to all the other work I must do and/or catch up upon.

But whatever. I'll get caught up somehow. I have goals and plans. Part of the deal is that I need to start getting up out of bed earlier (it is so tempting to stay in my bed and do email related tasks from there but I know that I am a whole lot slower when I do it that way rather than from my desktop).

This past weekend I had a great time at the UofA Alumni Cabane a Sucre at Hawrelak Park. It really didn't matter that I had gone alone, because tire d'erable sur la glace is SO WORTH IT regardless (I had two sticks full along with two mugs of hot chocolate). I also got to snowshoe using the newfangled kind of snowshoes (I went all around the lake)! It is so much easier doing it that way than in my grandfather's snowshoes (though I LOVE the aesthetic of those I am probably too small to properly maneuver in those). I also took a sleigh ride around the park. I really want/need to get more active and events like that one are perfect for me!

As some of you know I've been having fun with online dating as of yet. While I'm still pretty hesitant about things I've met a couple of nice guys, and have been having some good conversations online with others. It's interesting that with each person I've been having entirely different conversations: travel, school, gaming, comic books, music etc. It is really interesting to meet such an interesting diverse crowd of people online with whom I can have these discussions.

Thanks to these conversations I've even discovered another online radio station I rather like: Radio Paradise. It's nice and mellow on the whole but includes lots of great music!