Thoughts on a few lost days…

On Saturday night, while playing board games, I got a headache. I still consider the fact that this headache was the worst of my life to be true, though perhaps in retrospect I'm a bit less worried about it than I was when it was the most painful. Long story short, Sunday was mainly a lie on the couch/bed and read day, while Monday involved a visit to a doctor followed by blood work and urineanalysis. I felt good enough that I attended my Kiwanis meeting that night, with the hopes of attending another on Tuesday. Tuesday I returned to the doctor, however and he sent me to the ER to get further attention, as my headache and associated symptoms had worsened, ibuprofen not seeming to make any difference.

Long story short, after about 7 or 8 hours waiting I saw some more doctors in the ER (a couple nurses, a med student and a doctor to be honest, but regardless), and they did some more tests to rule out in their minds the most probable worst-case scenarios. I was sent home, and feel pretty reasonable now, but was told to take it easy today and take ibuprofen. So this is what I'm doing. All in all, I'm glad that I sought out medical aid, though perhaps it didn't provide many clear answers, it did work to rule out a bunch of possibilities, and I seem to be doing relatively well now. I'm back to being frustrated about my wrists but that's normalcy in my books and so all is well enough in my world.

Sure, I may have taken a week out of my busy life and may be further behind on some major work that I need to be concentrating on, but my health trumps all that. And so I'm pretty okay with that. I've done some good reading in the waiting rooms (magazines and the Internet mostly), and I did read The Wisdom of Whores (which helped me get into a better mindset re: my thesis). I also finished reading the majority of my Absolute Sandman Volume 1 (I want the others!). So that's been good too.

Today I ordered pizza delivery from Panago (it was too early in the day to order some of my other delivery favorites) for a late lunch to celebrate Pi day (pizza pie!). I was into trying some new things from the menu, though I'm not sure what I think of my selection: the BLT pizza seems more like a bacon pizza with lettuce and tomato garnish than like a real BLT, but it was interesting! I have a bunch of other things I want to accomplish in the coming hours, but as I'm supposed to relax and NOT stress, and also really to take it easy, I'm working to not worry too much or attempt to do too much today. That can wait for the 'morrow.