I had a good Scott Pilgrim Movie Day aka. Valentine's Day…

… though it was a damn unusual one!

I had stayed up late the night before playing Civilization V, and had had trouble sleeping (probably for having been up too late), and then got awoken by a 'Happy Valentine's Day' text message before sleeping fitfully until like noon, and not feeling like getting out of bed. I made plans to go for vegetarian food (Padmanadi) and see Scott Pilgrim with JD (spent Valentine's with my ex. That's a first, but it was good to spend time with a friend).

Online I mostly typed on Twitter with folks about the pros and cons of online dating (as I've been considering this avenue of meeting people — if nothing else it will provide me the opportunity to meet some new people!). I also watched Doctor Who Dreamland (an animated Doctor Who special of sorts).

JD took some photos, hypothetically for online dating profile purposes. We went to Padmanadi. He took his bike out of my spare room and repaired the wall. We went and saw Scott Pilgrim at the Garneau. This was awesome, by the way, as not only were lots of AWESOME people there, that I knew, even just a little bit, but it was Scott Pilgrim on the big screen!

After I returned home, I read some more Sandman, did some crunches (I was sore!) and stretches, and went to sleep.

Altogether not a bad day at all — an odd one though! That said, I need to be a heck of a lot more productive in the coming days and weeks.