Last night made me realize just how much I love to dance…

… and it's not as if it has to be ballroom or anything in particular.

So this week I've been pretty busy (procrastinating but also being quasi-social). And it feels good, though with the exception that today pretty much all my muscles hurt. And that's 'cause for a somewhat sedentary woman such as I am (I blame grad school), yesterday I did a LOT: carried stuff to school, carried groceries home, ran/walked from one Urban Diner to another (my own fault for going to the wrong one in the first place, mind you), and well, danced for at least 3 hours I would estimate.

Yes, sure it was the night of the Valentine's dance for the UADC, but I certainly wasn't at a ballroom event. Instead some library folks booked the upstairs room at Teddy's and for the low low price of $5 (the $200 rental fee split over all those who attended, though I would be surprised if there had only been 40 of us — this party was a HUGE success!) we danced it up to some great tunes. There was ample seating for those who wanted to sit and chat, and great bartending too. Essentially everyone could bring a 30 minute playlist and plug in iPods such that we had an incredibly diverse music selection to listen to from older stuff to newer stuff and everything in between. There were a few songs repeated (one song 3 times from one account), but as it was next door to my abode, I danced until 2am and then made my way home to crash. Gosh I am tired!

And I did meet some new folks (and got to know a few others better too!)… not to mention notice some awesome dancing! The salsa, merengue etc. latin set was awesome rad though I missed having guys to dance to those tunes to (from my ballroom etc. days, I guess).

Only downside I suppose was a person or two who got rather inebriated, and one guy who tried to dance with me but who held me tight enough to cause pain… mind you that lasted but a moment or two and as he really didn't know how to couple's dance nor wanted to learn how to do so, he didn't try again. Note to all men out there, women don't actually need to be forcibly led — generally if we know how to follow on the dance floor, you can be more subtle!

But yeah, it was a marvelous evening. It was a real encouragement to get active again.