As January draws to a close…

… I really didn't get much substantial work done this January with reference to my more academic behaviours: sure I got a few abstracts off to conferences, and got my thesis proposal approved, and I guess I also presented at the Forum for Information Professionals, but all things told, I did probably the minimum of what was necessary on the academic front.

Instead, it was more of a month of self-reflection. I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on my major hobbies and habits, as well as my longer term goals and dreams. I got caught up on sleep and played video games. I watched TV shows and movies, whether through my computer, on DVD or Blu-ray. I read a bit, though perhaps not huge amounts. And I organized some small aspects of my apartment.

I tried to reconnect with some of those who really matter to me in my life whom I haven't seen in far too long of a time. This was not entirely successful, which realistically is my own fault for losing touch to begin with, and I reassessed how I was using certain social media platforms, by both being more careful as to whom I follow/like etc. and how I was interacting with them. While again it will take a long time to get me where I want to be, I'm at least thinking about these things.

I don't actually know where my personal balance will be with reference to how to divide up my time in the future and in coming months, but I do know that I want to spend more time on treasured relationships with friends, and that I want to work on getting adequate sleep, exercise, and food.

I want to enjoy life, but also make an impact. So in the coming weeks, months, and yes years I want to be able to say that I don't have regrets.

This year in brief I hope to do the following:
February/March — establish better working patterns regarding RA work and Thesis work, as well as a more regular exercise routine along with eating better at home and more balance between social and interpersonal outside-the-home activities
April/May/June — continue school work and begin conference travel for Kiwanis and Academics. Finish Thesis work
July/August — Defend my thesis. Submit things such that I graduate. Look forward to the future. Plan a REAL vacation of some sort.
September-onwards — look at work options. Find a job that I can feel passionate about or at least one that is fulfilling in one sense or another. Take that vacation. Travel for the sake of travel and not just for a conference or some other obligation (because I deserve that).

All throughout, obviously the earlier plans and goals will influence my behaviour… but this is where I'm at. I don't think that I won't encounter hurdles along the way: at this stage, I'm still finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, I'm still occasionally finding it hard to be as motivated as I'd like to be. But I don't want to be just living life, following my ol' habits and routines. I really want to be doing more. And change is hard. But what worthwhile thing isn't?