Food etc.

So while I was in Indianapolis, there was literally like unlimited access to food. And I love variety so definitely overate. Not perhaps as badly as I could have, but I definitely ate more than I needed. Once I got home I was back to my more normal habits of grazing a bit, so that has been a bit better… or at least it was until Friday where ridiculous amounts of food was available due to the nature of the conference I was attending (Forum for Information Professionals). That conference was pretty awesome: my talk went well, and I had fun giving out door prizes and talking to people. I also ended up taking quite a good amount of leftover pasta salad to JD's afterward.

Yesterday was another long day, and again I ate a bit more than perhaps I needed to (though by the time I ate lunch I was so hungry that it felt like the right thing to do, given that I was volunteering all day at a Harry Potter themed event for kids, and we had a bunch of volunteers no-show at our station [grumble]). I was only thirsty once I returned home, so only really had a lime/raspberry drink in the evening (lime juice blended with frozen raspberries, ice and water) before heading to bed.

Today on the otherhand, I had no place I had to be all day. Which is nice, given that I have had a lot to catch up on (I've accomplished a bit of it, though not as much as I would like in any estimation). I cooked some lasagna but it really wasn't as awesome as it was the last time I made it (given that I was out of many of the ingredients and made substitutions). It wasn't bad, however. My stomach hates me for it though, probably because I have consumed all too much milk today (cereal for breakfast, chocolate milk, and then cheesy lasagna). I don't think I happen to be lactose intolerant or anything, but I know that if I consume TOO MUCH milk I do tend to get an upset stomach. At the same time, I often find cheese settles my stomach, so really I make little sense to me. Does anyone have any thoughts? I wish I knew a hard and fast limit or guideline for myself, but I haven't yet figured one out.

Anyway, I hope that the fact that I actually cooked today means that I'll get back into the habit.