Looking back at 2011 and forward to 2012…

I guess the new year behooves me to make a post of some sort regarding what I've learned in the past year and what I guess I can foretell for the coming year. I don't always do this, certainly, but it's a decent idea.

2011 in retrospective
– I lived with a current significant other for the very first time. I like to think I learned a lot about myself and about relationships in general because of this. It meant a different type of time management because there was more than just myself to pay attention to when scheduling and much more.
– I had my longest romantic relationship (which ended in 2011 on good terms). It was really great for my personal development. I know that I learned a lot about my particular quirks (both good and bad) and look forward to a time when I do have a relationship with someone whose long term goals mesh more closely with my own. That said, I don't have regrets. I'm happy, and I've gained another person in my life who knows me very well. That plus, a realization that my resistance to change can be surmounted, as he challenged me (and continues to challenge me) to consider other options.
– I finished all the course work for my Masters degrees. This to me is a huge accomplishment, as it will likely mean that I will finish them completely in 2012 (likely convocating in November, hopefully finishing my thesis in the summer).
– I traveled considerably: Indianapolis, Jamaica, Victoria, Red Deer, Switzerland, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, etc. I do adore traveling, and actually qualified for Aeroplan status for the first time ever!
– I began working on new research projects both for my thesis and for my research assistantship. This has meant a lot more stress, but also a lot of new skill development.
– I got an iPod Touch (which has meant playing a lot of casual games) and an Android phone (which has meant much less resistance to capacitive touch screen technology).
– I've also been shopping to regular retail stores a lot less, and to online stores much more frequently.
– I joined Reddit (and RedditGifts with the great Secret Santa)
– I started making a good deal of free purchases from Quirky.com (free because of the influence I have made on their products).
– I became involved with conference presentation review.

2012 plans
– I hope to finish these degrees, getting the thesis done this summer and convocating in the fall.
– I want to host more frequent board game nights — I want to work on my social life, and be a better friend than I have been.
– I plan on continuing to exercise regularly. Fitocracy is a great tool for this and I hope that playing my Wii games, doing social things with friends, and biking more all help to add up to increased physical fitness. It is all too easy to be a couch potato when a Grad student. I also want to use my yoga passes and attend yoga more frequently… if my wrists allow I'd also consider getting back into dancing/pole dancing or taking up another sport/activity entirely.
– I want to become employed in a job that I truly feel passionate about/enjoy following the completion of these degrees, hopefully in 2012.
– I want to cook more frequently at home, and waste less food. I adore food and hope to go to the farmer's market more often, buy from T&T for specialty items, and generally be more adept in the kitchen. This likely means treating friends to more food at home.
– That said I also want to travel, eat good food at restaurants, and have new experiences.
– I want to make a dent in my 'to read' bookshelf in the sense that I want to read more.
– I also want to make a dent in my 'to watch' movie list among other things.
– I want to stay on top of email, and to make sure to clean or organize at least one thing every day.
– There are a lot of hopes and dreams I have for my future… and these are but a few of my goals/hopes for the coming year. Above all else, of course I want to have a sense of balance in my life — this is always something I strive for, but don't always obtain.