It's been a significant day…

… and while I guess I need not type about all that's going on at the moment, it's not necessarily been a bad one. Very emotional, but that's the nature of the beast. It was good to see a friend of mine who lives in the UK these days. It was good to eat some yummy food at Famoso last night and catch up. Gotta love eating Famoso for breakfast — even if breakfast is late in the day due to not exactly sleeping well.

The future holds a lot of uncertainty, I guess. But I'm a bit more ready for that than I might otherwise be. I'm looking forward to 2012 — 2011 wasn't a bad one, for certain, however. I learned a lot about myself, I still have tons to learn though. And hopefully it will be with the help of my friends.

And that, is the thing. I'm not terribly amazing at maintaining my friendships. I place a lot more personal value/worth on seemingly insignificant moments and interactions with those whom I appreciate/value than perhaps necessary on occasion, but I'm not so good at maintaining friendships. I do want to work on this area of my life however. I'm very very thankful for where I am right now, and the people who have led me to become whom I have become and will eventually be.

This week, as most Christmas holiday weeks, I have spent quite a bit of time watching media. And learning from it. The new Blu-ray player is getting a lot of use, as I watch Castle.

Yes, I'm stressed: both emotionally and with relation to school/work etc. But I'm happy for it. Happy for what 2011 has brought me, and for what the future should bring. I'm going to take some criticisms to heart and hope that the people I care about now and in the future continue to help me grow and develop into a better and happier person — both with the good and bad. It's all a learning experience after all.