The joys of having more free time… and the loneliness of living alone…

Last night it struck me that for the first time in what seemed like ages I felt lonely, truly lonely. It made sense of course, as it had been a week since I began living alone again, and it is a pretty significant adjustment. As I long ago realized, I do much better if I do at least ONE thing outside of the house a day and/or do at least one thing involving other people. Sure I do enjoy hermiting myself on occasion, but having that outlet of at least someone to talk to and/or do something with is something I'll miss, living alone again, regardless of whom it was whom I was previously living with.

That said, I've been having a pretty decent time with the spare time that I have had at my disposal (I'm in between tasks on some of my research projects and whatnot). Firstly, I've been watching a fair bit of media: season 3 of Castle, a whole bunch of the free iTunes TV shows they were providing for the holidays (some were terrible, a few I might actually check out and watch more of at some point), That 70s Show (I never did finish watching the DVDs I got a while back) etc. I've been reading (a few magazines, short stories, and now my AWESOME Absolute Sandman Vol 1!), exercising (mostly Wii games at the moment…), cleaning (what with JD moving out, it is pretty ideal to be cleaning at least a bit), and gaming (mostly iPod Touch games, but last night I started playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith, which it turns out I actually really enjoy!).

So I guess I'm having a vacation of sorts post-vacation. And the me-time is well deserved. I do have to be careful — my wrists are trying to start acting up again. And I still have to be productive — my research work isn't going to disappear any time soon, but I guess I needed this.