Spoiled this Christmas! :)

It's been a great Christmas! I feel very lucky and very spoiled. I think my family got a lot of great gifts (there were only a few duplicates), and I received some wonderful items myself. Mom (I helped a bit but not that much) made a wonderful turkey dinner which we enjoyed and there is certainly a lot of yummy treats to munch on! I brought some of JD's chocolate and licorice for people to enjoy so they've been eating that plus mom and my baking, and so much more!

There was no tree this year, but I still have my little one at my apartment waiting for JD so that he can open his last presents. Everyone seemed to enjoy their presents though! Dad got lots of chocolate, Mom got a cell phone, and a camera (both items she has to learn a lot about using). Luke got three blenders (among other things) so he'll have to figure out what to return and what to keep etc. Logan got lots of outdoorsy stuff, and Seth got a good assortment of fun toys and books and more! 🙂

But I feel lucky: I got a necklace (from me but made by Lauren), EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii (which I think is already better than Wii Fit Plus — at least for now — it has a heart rate monitor and everything! JD got me such a good gift — as I really wanted it!), Mario Party 8 for the Wii (which means I have a good party game), Monopoly, Carcassonne, and Civilization board games (more excuses for fun board game gatherings!), the first two seasons of Castle on DVD and a new robe/housecoat to replace my melted-ish one! Lots of great gifts essentially. I feel appropriately spoiled.

And today I played my EA Sports Active 2 and really felt like it was a good fun workout! 🙂 Fun stuff!