Why not make lemonade?

Today was one of those days where the whole life gives me lemons and I make lemonade saying seemed to be my motto of the day. The morning began with me sleeping in luxuriously (heck it's the time between Christmas and New Years, I'm allowed some relaxing moments), of course I awoke sore from all the exercising I've been doing lately with my EA Sports Active 2 game, but that is only a tiny inconvenience, really. I exercised, ate some food (not much but I wasn't starving or anything), and talked to JD (and caught up on some Internet things) before leaving the house for the post office (actually to pick up my wonderful new Quirky Broom Groomer). There was QUITE a line for package pick up (unsurprising considering the post office was closed on the 27 and 28 for deliveries anyway).

It was in this line that I remembered that I had left my cell phone at home (on this desk that I type at even now, drat!) and worried whether I'd be able to meet up with Shuby on time (we were going skating at West Edmonton Mall hypothetically) or even find her after putting her number in my phone and forgetting my phone at home (oups!). Anyway I did finally meet up with Shuby so all was well. And we went to WEM to go skating, except there were no skates to rent — and I generally don't bring my hockey skates if I could rent figure skates instead, so we didn't go skating (or rather the girls who hadn't brought skates didn't go skating, we played putt'n'glow mini golf, Shuby and the guys skated).

Well mini golf is okay but not perfect if you had been expecting to skate, but apparently WEM does not stock enough pairs of womens size 6, 7, or 8 skates so whatever. After mini golf I left the group (who had also participated in projects such as attempting to exchange merchandise — unsuccessfully as couldn't find the right stuff to exchange and otherwise), and went to Delux Burger Bar (my favorite Edmonton burger restaurant!) and had a Naughty but Nice burger (Santa's burger actually… it was one of the last two days to order one, it being the burger of the month), and a side salad (the salad was remarkably good, I was even impressed by that aspect of my meal!).

Then I was going to head home but stopped in at the Seasonal Calendar and Games/Toys store. I was hoping to spot a game or two that I wanted, and wasn't disappointed — at 25% off (which is pretty decent considering games that I want rarely go on sale) I found Boggle and a Settlers of Catan card game (I didn't even know there was a card/dice version of Settlers of Catan! It looks like a tonne of fun and can be even played by 1 or 2 players — not just the 3 or 4 player version!) and picked those up on the way home.

Then I watched 4 more episodes of Castle (I've seen 8 in the last two days. Gosh I adore the characters in this show! — Thanks to Luke for the awesome present!), before coming back online. While I could certainly have gotten rather down from my disappointment at not being able to skate or that I forgot my cell phone (or many other reasons actually) today, I enjoyed many moments and hopefully this will be a trend that I can follow through with in the coming weeks and months — it's high time I made my lemons into lemonade! 🙂