Happy Christmas one and all! :)

I go home to my parents' house tonight. The presents I'm bringing will arrive after me (many will be sent with my brother as I highly doubt I can carry them all). I'll bring some stuff with me to the LRT (someone will pick me up from the LRT station) but the majority will arrive afterward I believe.

I do adore Christmas, and look forward to spending time with my family. It's a hectic time of year, certainly, but I do look forward to it as always! It's even fun working at the grocery store when everyone's filling their carts with holiday treats for the big meals and other entertaining. I'm going to have a good time this holiday season — no idea how long I'll spend in the Fort, but I'll eventually make it back to my apt and my regular daily life, and I'll be ready for it by then, but for now, I'm looking forward to pausing my regular everyday life and enjoying Christmas! 🙂