Wrapping up the Christmas Season! :)

So I'm slowly accomplishing my Christmas to-do list, and totally enjoying it all the while! I did some Christmas baking (ginger sugar cookies — very unusual but yummy!), I did all my Christmas shopping and wrapping (yay!) and today was even the official opening day for the gift exchange I participate in (at http://goldfishlegs.ca )! I feel kind of spoiled!

My man comes home on January 31st (yay yay and triple yay!) so I'm totally looking forward to that! There are even gifts here waiting for him! I have one wrapped gift from him which I'm not to open until Christmas, but that's awesome as it gives me something great to look forward to!

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of the day we met and started seeing each other. He made me my own website (with email accounts even!), and a very cute and amusing wiki with facts about me! It can be all found at the awesome url of http://alikira.com No really! 🙂 I have the bestest boyfriend… I just wish the gift I sent him would arrive (maybe by Christmas?)!

Tomorrow I wrap gifts at the Bay in City Centre for donations to the Bissell Centre (this is a CKI project every year). I think they're shorter on volunteers this year than ever (AND they have four locations: Kingsway, City Centre, Southgate and West Edmonton Mall), and definitely would love the support/volunteer help! Regardless, if you would like to see me and have your gifts wrapped in exchange for a donation, please come out tomorrow!

I'm still working on my Christmas cards, so I'd be surprised if they all arrived before Christmas day, though some most certainly will (as some are in the mail, and some might go out today). It's a busy holiday season, but I love it just the same!