Annual Christmas Wish List (by request)

Every year I put one of these up, mostly to help my family with Christmas shopping and whatnot, but it also becomes a good record of where I am in life I guess, particularly because of the regularity with which I post this. So here goes (in no particular order):

– I want JD to come back from Norway sooner rather than later. (I want this more than the rest of the things I have listed, for the most part, but he's the only one who can really control this!)

– That planned obsolescence goes out of style

– DVDs/Blu-ray: Season 8 of That '70s Show, the Angels in America mini-series, Castle, Criminal Minds, Firefly

– Books: The Guild graphic novel, All 4 volumes of the Absolute Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Jellaby: Monster in the City

– Music: Light Organ Records: Our First Christmas (album), Here Comes My Baby – EP by Sons of Admirals, k.d. lang's album Songs of the 49th Parallel, Charlie McDonnell's This is me music album, music by Paul & Storm, music by Tim Minchin, Crash Test Dummies' music (as I associate good memories with their songs), Joel Plaskett's album Three

– Board Games that I don't have already (If you need suggestions, here are some that might be awesome: Agricola, Puerto Rico, Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game, Power Grid, Dominion, Caylus, Pandemic, Thebes, Ticket to Ride (I already have the card game: the board game would be awesome), Settlers of Catan, Twilight Struggle, San Juan, Ingenious, YINSH, A Game of Thrones, Santiago, Carcassone, Traders of Genoa, DVONN, RA, Bohnanza, Monopoly card game (or board game as I don't have that either), Steam, etc. Honestly there are a lot that I don't have, and I do adore board games!)

– a better system to store my board games (as my shelves are needed for books and I have more board games than can fit anyway)

– for my wireless router to work again (not a huge deal but eventually I should get it working again… this can wait until JD comes back though)

– a non-meltable but SOFT luxurious robe/housecoat (mine got a bit melted-ish)

– Wii Games: Mario Party 8 (there are others I would love to have but that's one I really do want a lot and am unlikely to purchase for myself.

– World Peace — or at least World Understanding! 🙂

– To get somewheres with my thesis

– More hours in the day or a time turner (a real working one! but a model of one would be cool too)

– an eliptical machine

– pampering (at a spa or otherwise)

– to be in better physical shape

– great experiences with awesome people

– the ability to be in more than one place simultaneously

– uh, surprises?

So yeah, that ought to help those people who have been asking (and haven't already been awesome and spoiling me with awesome gifts like my blu-ray drive for my computer, and the Scott Pilgrim film!). Realistically, I'm doing well, and don't have too many pressing wants and needs, but do have a busy 2011 coming up with travel, school work etc., so I wouldn't mind some more awesomeness.