Yummy food, sock puppets and unhappy bus stops (I should have had a sock puppet!)

So this morning I went to the annual GELA brunch. It was delicious! I ate so many yummy things! I also talked to some great people, listened to a good keynote, and learned about putting sock puppets at bus stops to brighten people's days.

On the way home, unfortunately, the bus drove past me (waiting at the bus stop for this bus) so I walked most of the way home from the Edmonton Petroleum Club. I was not happy with this, but whatever, I didn't freeze (for the most part). It was a pretty unhappy bus stop, as I had thought to get home all toasty warm and such but this was not to occur.

In other news, I apparently partially melted my housecoat at some point. No idea how I managed this but whatever. I guess I will need to get a new house coat — at least this means I can pick out precisely the one I want when I go shopping (probably January sales).