NAHLA Luncheon and Kiwanis Young Professionals Satellite Holiday potluck!

So today was a busy day — not a terribly productive one outside of networking and socializing and cleaning though… but still a very useful one! I got a tonne of cleaning done though and cooking, and entertaining and fun!

Today was the NAHLA Holiday Luncheon and Regift Exchange. I think I'm doing a rather decent job of networking with Health Sciences Librarians, as I recognized most (though not all) of the librarians who were at this event. The event was held at the Hardware Grill (which I had never been to prior to today). The food was great: I had a fabulous butternut squash soup and swordfish with Asian inspired coleslaw dish with green beans. I had never had swordfish and it was pretty good — it would have been better without the cilantro garnish (which I didn't expect) but I was able to remove the majority of it.

I also drank mint tea and had a sandwich cookie for dessert which was nice. The regift exchange was awesome though: I came home with Cranium! This was fabulous as it was a board game I didn't already own. I do think, however that I'm going to have to figure out a different/better board game storage system as they now take up much more room than before (and I still want more board games!).

Speaking of board games, this evening was the Kiwanis Young Professionals Satellite's annual Holiday gathering. We had five people in attendance and ate a great meal together (potluck) and played board games (Apples to Apples, Bananagrams, and Monty Python Fluxx). It was a great night!

And now, I want to go play some Wii Sports Resort (which I've borrowed from Angela), before I head to bed. Tomorrow is the GELA Holiday Brunch, and then I must buckle down (or at least SHOULD buckle down) and pick a topic/start writing the paper for my post-humanism class. But what to write on?