Chocolate and Guitar Hero oh my!

So yesterday I finally made it out to Kerstin's Chocolates (they had a Customer Appreciation party), and ended up getting drinking chocolate and a chocolatiere to make my hot chocolate in. The party itself was rather delicious though — I learned that I rather like chocolate egg nog with brandy! It was delicious — I had two small cups of it (I would have had a third, but was getting a sugar headache by then from all the sweet treats (3 kinds of chocolates, 3 types of cookies).

After, I went to Famoso for Brett's birthday party. This was pretty rad as Famoso has amazing food and I was able to spend time with some pretty rad people. We went and played Guitar hero afterward — I sucked at the guitar, but was okay at the drums after playing for a bit. It wasn't half bad, really. 🙂 I had a great time!

I'm caught up on email and whatnot at the moment — but still have three papers to write. One I WILL write tonight, I think. So that tomorrow I can write another and go from there! School is almost done for the holiday season — which is great as I'm behind on the card/present etc. front (then again I never really start until the Butterdome Craft sale anyway and that's coming up this week.