Work Christmas party comments

Okay, so when you go to your WORK Christmas party, do you think that it's a good idea to get completely stupidly drunk? Apparently at least two of my co-workers did. I wasn't impressed. In particular when after one of them was cut off, as he lit a cigarette indoors (it's illegal to smoke indoors here btw). I generally have breathing difficulty around cigarette smoke, so I spent the rest of the evening at a different table.

The DJ dude/gameshow host had HORRIBLE sound. I could barely understand what he was saying throughout the evening — a problem when you're trying to answer his trivia questions, or identify song clips. Suffice to say I wasn't impressed.

Some guy (no I don't remember his name) seemed to be interested in me (and ridiculously drunk). He kept following me around the party for a time. At least he doesn't work at my store though, and I could generally ignore him and his ignorance (he did say some really ignorant things).

The dance floor was pretty great though — though the sound wasn't great we had some fun dancing. And the food was yummy as per usual. I didn't win any prizes this time, but I'm good with that — it was a decent evening.

On my way home, the Stadium LRT station had a sleeping unresponsive man on the cold concrete platform. Some guy called on the emergency phone to get the man some help while I was there. The man didn't respond to touch or voice, and the EMS didn't come before I boarded a train.

At the Corona LRT station, there was a pair of work boots sitting on the platform, all lined up perfectly, abandoned. This seemed odd to me. The upper level was covered in shards of glass and smelled like beer Very icky. I did get home eventually though.

Yesterday and today I finished reading the graphic novels for my 9/11 in graphic novels paper that's due Wednesday. Some were really good. I had some really strong emotional responses. I really should get more homework done before my deadlines!