Wrapping up another school semester…

I don't really start prepping for Christmas, etc. until the Butterdome Craft Sale (and this year it does not happen until this Thursday), I have started listening to Christmas music. I won't get around to writing Christmas cards until after the 13th when I hand in my final paper (which SHOULD be done on that date), but the Christmas season is definitely getting underway.

When it comes to school itself, I'm in my day of classes of the semester. I've only two more papers to complete (and one is almost done as it is), and well, time is ticking down. There is certainly at LOT to be done, this busy holiday season what with social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and much more, but I do enjoy these aspects of the holiday season.

I've enjoyed the three classes I've taken this fall. I'm looking forward to the courses I will take in winter term. I'm looking forward to Christmas and the holidays. I will enjoy the break from school stress, but this does not mean that I dislike the stuff that I am learning or anything. But yeah this is where I sit — looking forward to the different kind of busy-ness that is the holidays.