Just a comment re: exercise

I know I'm in the right exercise class when I feel more invigorated AFTER exercising — this doesn't always happen. But, the Aradia Fitness class I'm taking definitely has that result — plus this week I didn't feel as alone or as out of shape as I did last week, so I'm definitely improving (if only in self confidence).

I still suck at pushups though, and my wrists ached a bit (a good ache, not my nerve injury, yay!) afterward, but heck, I think I might just be improving. I'm not even as sore as I could be otherwise. I just need to motivate myself to eat better…

This weekend is a CKI weekend (Fall Training Conference) so I look forward to that, I guess. I also need to get a case study (worh 45% of my grade) done for Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes.