Yesterday was a ridiculously busy day…

… and I got everything accomplished that I planned to do! Here's hoping I do the same today! 🙂

I began my day waking up at the very early hour of 6am (normally I awaken at 7:30am, unless I allow myself to sleep in like I did today). I was out of the house by 6:45am and at the Kiwanis club of South Edmonton's board meeting by 7:30. I successfully proposed a new member for the club and helped to promote the Kiwanis Buy Nothing Day Free Market event that the Young Professionals satellite of the club has organized. Hopefully we get enough volunteers to successfully host the event! (btw if you want to volunteer, you can sign up here: we're looking to have at least 3 people there for all shifts to help people find things, keep items organized and accept donations, with quite a few more volunteers for the last few shifts of the day on Saturday to bring the remaining goods to local charities for donation and clean up).

After that I had breakfast with a Kiwanian and then caught the LRT to work. Work was from 10am-6pm, the majority of which being health and safety stuff, though I did spend approximately 2 hours in the front end cashiering and watching the self-scan tills: I actually rather enjoyed seeing some familiar faces (customers and employees alike).

For supper I ate at Health Fare. I'm thinking that that restaurant has become one of my favorites for quick flavourful meals. I actually feel more healthy after eating them usually — probably because they're made with good ingredients. Perfect for when I'm on the go, because at 7:30pm I was at the Citadel to see Studies in Motion, an absolutely remarkable theatre production by the Electric Company (theatre company). I was even more pleased when Rachelle joined me for the second half (it's always nice to see people I know at the theatre!).

We then attempted to catch a bus (which did not arrive) and then I walked back to work, where I bought my groceries, before heading home and to bed.

As I mentioned before I slept in quite a bit this morning (and read from my current pleasure reading of choice: a non-fiction account of the influenza outbreak in Canada in 1918 [a book that I borrowed from the books my mom was getting rid of, which I will likely donate away after I finish reading it, though I'm rather enjoying the read — it is unlikely that I will want to reread it!]).