Just a note: Groupon is awesome!

And compared to the other launched Edmonton group-based deal sites (Living Social, Team Buy, WagJag etc.) Groupon is by far my favorite.

Today, for example I went to Karma for lunch and then to the Wee Book Inn (Stony Plain Rd) with Heather both times using groupons. Honestly the number of times I've taken advantage of these great deals is ever increasing! 🙂

So in other news, I'm damn good at procrastinating. Tonight will be homework central. But before I get to that, I'm going to unwind with more of last season's Doctor Who (which I'm finally getting around to watching in entirety). Last night I saw the first episode of the season again (I actually did watch it the first time around) and I'm rather looking forward to seeing the whole season!

But yeah, tonight I'm totally going to have to get the homework done. Yikes!