A generally crappy day… (with some sprinklings of awesomeness)

So whenever I do that ruining my sleep schedule thing, it doesn't tend to hit me until a couple days after the fact — and lately I've been sleeping in a bit to compensate for the Hackathon (among other things) so the fact that my utter exhaustion chose to hit me today and make me rather crabby (comparatively speaking) was pretty annoying (though, I guess, not entirely unexpected). Still I got up relatively early, worked out (in the process making myself feel ill) and then slowly got my reading and laundry done. I fell asleep a few times while doing class readings, but it worked out all right anyhow. They all got read.

So I had been looking forward to attending a preview screener for Monsters ever since I realized that I had won tickets. I was supposed to go to the theatre and ask for the guest list, they'd find my name, I'd have my two tickets and then go see the movie. Simple enough, eh? I mean I've gone to preview screenings dozens of times.

So I made a call out for people to join me. No one could. I was like fine, I'll see it by myself — I don't need company to go see a movie. So I headed out to catch the bus. I missed the bus I wanted to catch (just barely). Walked to a better bus stop caught a bus and eventually made it to West Edmonton Mall. Then I went to check out Delux Burger Bar (Because they make food with good quality ingredients and make it fresh, plus people keep tweeting about it). And I ordered my burger. And they made the wrong one, so I had to wait for them to make a new one. Normally this would have been an oh well moment, but my body was doing the ack you have to feed me now! thing so I was kind of weak/shaky and my stomach was unhappy. 50 minutes after I arrived my burger arrived (it was a blue cheese blackened chicken burger — the celebrity chef of the month's burger) and it was delicious! I ate it SO fast! And then asked for my bill — and they gave me the burger for free!! So they totally made my experience much better — though by that point, I wasn't expecting it!

I went to bring my M.A.C. cosmetics cases in for recycling and pick up a few new cosmetics items (foundation powder, a lip gloss (free as I was recycling!), and an eye shadow with Maleficent on it (I think it's a bonus to have Maleficent on it, but the eye shadow looks awesome, particularly wet!). So that was a good experience.

Then I went to the theatre. I was an hour early (a relatively normal early time if you want to be at a good place in line for a screener), and went to the desk to get my ticket and they didn't even have a guest list yet — they called management and it turned out that a rep hadn't shown up yet. So I went walking through the mall for a bit before returning at about half an hour until the screener. At this point the line for the screener was ridiculously long — this meant that I knew that there wouldn't be many good seats left, but whatever. I asked again re: the guest list, and got the same answer. Fine, I went and waited until it was like 10-15 minutes before the movie start time, asked one last time, nothing had changed and I — stressed/tired/grumpy — just gave up and walked out to the bus. No they didn't have a guest list. No no reps had shown up. By this point there wouldn't be any good seats left (if any at all as all movie screeners are over sold) so I was pretty happy I hadn't brought anyone with me.

I guess that's the worst experience I've had with a so-called prize win. And well, I would have taken it all in stride if it hadn't been for the other aspects of my day, I guess. My time is at too much of a premium for me to want to waste that much time. On the positive side, I do have some new M.A.C. stuff and got to try Delux Burger Bar for the first time. Delux Burger Bar would be rated among my favorite burger restaurants… it's not quite Burger Bar in Vegas, (my favorite) but it's damn close — just a different style! I would definitely return — I think it'll be one of my favorite Bourbon Street restaurants and really reasonably priced too (and I'm refering to when your meals aren't comped. I think I'm probably the first person I know to have this mediocre of a service experience there).